Estelle Vivian

certified massage and personal growth therapist

About Me

I am a certified massage and personal growth therapist with over 20 years’ experience in effectively treating both physical and emotional needs.

Based on my comprehensive and holistic philosophy (treating the person and the body as a WHOLE, where body and mind are seen as connected, rather than as individual parts) I heal, guide and coach individuals towards greater well-being and becoming their best or Higher Self.

My massages are ALSO highly effective for clients who seek only physical improvement, stress relief and mental well-being and who are NOT necessarily on a path of inner search and self-realization.


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“I support people in self-empowerment, through connecting, feeling, embracing what IS, in order to let go, heal and expand. I facilitate the connection between the body and mind, the tangible and the intangible, the visible and the invisible. Conveying a sense of care for my clients is an important part of the formula for therapeutic success. Expressing empathy for their situation creates a nurturing experience that enhances the healing process."

Estelle Vivian


What People Say

Estelle is the best masseuse I’ve ever had! She’s very personable, attacks every issue you’re dealing with. She’s extremely professional and knows the body inside and out. Every time I went for a massage I left COMPLETELY relaxed and pain free. Her hands are magical! If you’re looking for a great masseuse you are very lucky because you just found one!
Mariana T
Madrid, Spain
Estelle was recommended to me in January 2015 when my son and I moved to Madrid for six months. Her healing hands and caring heart became a treasured part of the city for me. That has not changed in more recent visits. Estelle has deep and wise knowledge of the healing arts. All her treatments feel very strong and very personal. She exudes confidence and each finger feels as if it is placed with great precision, and great respect for the individual body she is working with. I cannot recommend Estelle highly enough to anyone else. It is no wonder she has clients in various countries.
Penelope Harley
Estelle is an incredible, experienced massage therapist who’s talent shines from the moment you greet her at the door to the moment the appointment concludes. She is a very funny, warm, kind-hearted masseuse who is very in touch with herself and being so– is very able to perceive and give fully what every individual client needs. I have received massages from other therapists in the United States, but none have compared to the depth and scope of knowledge Estelle exhibits. She helped me to unlock doors I thought would never open, and regain a very healthy state of body and mind, in just a matter of months! Thank you Estelle, I will be forever grateful for the privilege of knowing you and your work.
United States
Well, what can I say? Estelle’s massages were like a gift on the path on my long recovery for internal pains and aches. I just picked up a flyer and booked an appointment. A massage is always good and I do love them. But meeting Estelle was so much more than a basic massage. She took the time to get to know me before working on the body. And already I felt at ease. I felt comfortable to let her touch my body, let her touch my soul… It was a real experience in a life time. And although I am now too far away to enjoy her magic, I will always be grateful that she helped me so much. But you will be the only one to judge by going to see her and discover yourself through her massages.
Laure D

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