Deep Energetic Facial and Head Massage

This beautiful and unique massage is a perfect synthesis and alchemy of Eastern, Western and Indian Ayurvedic techniques.

Technical, tonic and deep, this treatment works from your chest to your skull, with a good 25 minutes purely on your face. Detoxing, circulatory, rejuvenating, lifting and regenerating, it deeply works on the tissues, reflex zones of the face (face reflexology), and your stress flies away in a record time , leaving your face toned, fresh, glowing and extremely relaxed.

A true delight and gift for the body and mind.

Benefits :

– Lifting effect, regenerates, oxygenates and reaffirms tissues
– Smoothens and reduces wrinkles, bags and puffiness
– Tones the skin, drains toxins out, stimulates collagene production
– Works on facial reflexology zones
– Releases tensions in neck, trapeziums and shoulders
– Frees from stress leaving you a deep sensation of relaxation and peace in the whole body

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