Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology comes from the Ancient Chinese tradition and is an energetic method allowing a different and complementary approach to Western medicine. This therapeutic massage not only treats the symptoms but also the source of the pain or upset.

It helps to relieve numerous problems from which many people suffer on a daily basis.

Each part of the body is represented in a specific area of the foot called a “reflex zone”. Therefore, all the physiological functions of the body such as breathing and digestion, as well as the hormonal, circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, sensory and urinary systems all have their precise location in/on the foot. 

This treatment brings a deep and revitalizing relaxation whilst also increasing blood and nervous circulation. The reflex zones then alleviated will allow the corresponding vital organs to re-establish their irrigation and function in the body, bringing back with it an incredible energy and positively affecting the emotional state. 

It is a natural method that stimulates and balances the organism, bringing relief and well-being, leaving you with a feeling of incredible lightness in the legs and feet. 

This massage is practiced on a massage table, from the feet to the knees and lasts for approximately 60 minutes. 

It is a very effective treatment and its results can best be seen over the course of several sessions.

This massage is practiced on a massage table.

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