Indian Ayurvedic Massage

The Ayurvedic oil massage is part of the well-known Indian Ayurveda Healing System. It combines a deep tissue massage, stretching of specific areas of the body and exfoliation.

The treatment is carried out with warm sesame oil and a ginger root powder, mixed with medicinal Ayurvedic plants. This mixture exfoliates the skin while draining toxins out of the body, relieving fatigue and providing stamina, pleasure and deeper sleep.

Some of the benefits of this massage include:

  • Increased elasticity of skin and quality of sleep
  • Increased circulation throughout the body especially to the nerve endings
  • Improved muscle tone and calming of nerves
  • Increased lubrication of joints
  • Higher sense of mental alertness
  • The elimination of impurities from the tissues


This FULL BODY MASSAGE, “from head to toe”, recharges and rejuvenates the mind and body leaving you with a sensation of fluidity, well being and suppleness.

It is practiced on a mat and lasts for 70 minutes.

It is advised to come for at least 7 to 10 sessions, once a week, for a complete treatment and maximum benefit.

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