Massage Treatments

Therapeutic Massage

This massage combines different holistic techniques (Deep Tissue, Swedish, Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu, Sport massage etc.) to treat all types of “body and mind problems” such as stress, tension, depression, fatigue, back/neck problems, muscle pains and contractures, bad circulation and so on… read more

Indian Ayurvedic Massage

The Ayurvedic oil massage is carried out with warm sesame oil and a ginger root powder, mixed with Medicinal Ayurvedic plants. It is part of the well-known Indian ayurveda healing system…  

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Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is a deep foot massage including full-legs. Each part of the body and its physiological functions (breathing, digestion, hormonal, circulatory, lymphatic, sensory and urinary) are represented in a specific area of the foot called a “reflex zone”… read more


“Deep Energetic” Facial Massage

This beautiful and unique massage is a perfect sintesis and alchimy of Eastern, Western and Indian Ayurvedic techniques…. read more





Reiki (“RAY-kee”) is a Japanese word representing Universal Life Energy. It is a therapy that helps to maintain the universal energy flow in the body. Reiki is based on the belief that when spiritual energy is channeled through a reiki practitioner, the patient’s spirit is healed… read more


Rebirthing (Conscious Breathing)

Rebirthing is a simple and powerful self-improvement technique on all levels: physically, psychologically and spiritually. It allows you to live to your complete potential bringing about improvements in health, mental clarity, emotional well-being and inner peace. It also allows you to manage the challenges of life more easily, to gain greater insight into the human condition and the purpose of your existence; a greater sense of your personal relevance to the world…. read more



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