Rebirthing (Conscious Breathing) is a simple and powerful self-improvement technique on all levels: physically, psychologically and spiritually. It allows you to live to your complete potential bringing about improvements in health, mental clarity, emotional well-being and inner peace.

It also allows you to manage the challenges of life more easily, to gain greater insight into the human condition and the purpose of your existence; a greater sense of your personal relevance to the world.

Explanation of the concept and how it works:

It is often thought that behind rebirthing, human birth is traumatic, due to ignorance and misunderstanding on the part of most medical professionals (and parents/family) and that humans never forget their birth, they just repress the memory. Rebirthing-breathwork practitioners believe that in addition to cerebral memory (based in the brain) humans also possess cellular memory, which is distributed amongst the body’s cells, tissues, organs etc.

They believe that the trauma suffered during birth, and the specific nature of this trauma, has a deep effect on one’s psyche and shapes one’s perception and experience of life, self and the world in ways of which one is mostly unaware (For instance, someone born by forceps delivery might rely on others to pull them out of destructive situations). Practitioners believe it is possible to gain recall of aspects of birth, gestation and early childhood and to release the accompanying emotions through conscious connected breathing; such release can generate a positive paradigm shift and life transformation based on a change in the experiences they believe one subconsciously attracts.

The conscious connected breathing technique consists in connecting the inhale with the exhale and again with the inhale, with no pause between the two .This causes a build-up of oxygen in the blood and therefore of life energy, which tends to bring up sub/unconscious issues to the surface, that then can be breathed away. This specific breathing also obviously detoxifies the system and releases physical and emotional tensions.

In other words :

Those unconscious issues are influencing our lives and creating the problems that we have to deal with on a daily basis. Our thoughts, our beliefs and our imprints create the universe we live in. Very often these beliefs have been imprinted into our consciousness at birth and even during our conception and prenatal life. The conscious connected breathing of Rebirthing helps us to access these early imprints and we can then change them by breathing through those feelings and through the use of AFFIRMATIONS.

Affirmations are positive thoughts that help us to create the universe of our choice. We all know that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. Working on our CREATIVE THOUGHTS means creating a new reality for ourselves and regaining control of our lives, displacing and letting go of old patterns which limit us on all levels.

Description of a Rebirthing session:

It lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours.

The first part of the session begins with the identification of unconscious beliefs through the expression of emotions and feelings with the therapist.

The conscious breathing session (which has been activated by all that has been expressed just before) then follows.

To complete the session, time is dedicated to the integration of the conscious breathing and the sharing of feedback on what was felt or experienced. This is then complemented with the “re-programming” of thought patterns with the use of exercises (homework) with the concept of creative thoughts through the writing of affirmations.

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