Reiki (“RAY-kee”) is a Japanese word representing Universal Life Energy. It is a therapy that helps to maintain the universal energy flow in the body.

Reiki is based on the belief that when spiritual energy is channeled through a reiki practitioner, the patient’s spirit is healed. For centuries, it has been considered that the human body is not just about flesh, blood and muscles, but that there is some mystic force that permeates not only our body but the entire universe.

Therefore, reiki is a therapy that helps to maintain this all important universal energy flow.

To summarise, it’s a kind of spiritual practice that brings about healing on all levels: physical, emotional and mental.

This natural and safe method of holistic healing is always highly beneficial, enhancing the quality of life and bringing with it peace of mind and body.

In this system, a “hands-on technique” is used, whereby the energy flows through the palms and facilitates healing.

The hands are placed for a few minutes on each “Chakra” which is a sort of “wheel” distributing the energy to specific areas of the body.

When the energy doesn’t flow correctly through the chakras, blockages in the form of physical and emotional pain appear. Reiki is useful in returning and maintaining a balance in each Chakra, re-establishing the energy flow.

Today, reiki is practiced as a complementary therapy to cure diseases in all parts of the world.

The session is practiced on a massage table and lasts for 60 minutes.

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