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Ma belle Estelle, je ne te remercierai jamais assez. Ce moment que tu m’as fait vivre l’autre jour, peut-on appeler cela un massage? Le mot me semble bien étroit pour cet instant où émotions, relaxation et respiration se mêlent.

Tes mains, détectent au rythme de mon souffle, les failles de mon corps et les soignent en totale bienveillance.

Alors je n’ai qu’un unique mot pour te remercier: merci! D’avoir su lire en moi, avec tant de franchise et d’énergie positive, c’est la plus belle chose que j’ai reçu depuis fort longtemps.


Thècle T.D


Estelle is the best masseuse I’ve ever had! She’s very personable, attacks every issue you’re dealing with. She’s extremely professional and knows the body inside and out. Every time I went for a massage I left COMPLETELY relaxed and pain free.

Her hands are magical! If you’re looking for a great masseuse you are very lucky because you just found one!

Mariana T
Madrid, Spain

Estelle was recommended to me in January 2015 when my son and I moved to Madrid for six months.

Her healing hands and caring heart became a treasured part of the city for me. That has not changed in more recent visits. Estelle has deep and wise knowledge of the healing arts. All her treatments feel very strong and very personal. She exudes confidence and each finger feels as if it is placed with great precision, and great respect for the individual body she is working with. I

cannot recommend Estelle highly enough to anyone else. It is no wonder she has clients in various countries.

Penelope Harley



Estelle is an incredible, experienced massage therapist who’s talent shines from the moment you greet her at the door to the moment the appointment concludes. She is a very funny, warm, kind-hearted masseuse who is very in touch with herself and being so– is very able to perceive and give fully what every individual client needs. I have received massages from other therapists in the United States, but none have compared to the depth and scope of knowledge Estelle exhibits. She helped me to unlock doors I thought would never open, and regain a very healthy state of body and mind, in just a matter of months!

Thank you Estelle, I will be forever grateful for the privilege of knowing you and your work.

United States


Well, what can I say? Estelle’s massages were like a gift on the path on my long recovery for internal pains and aches. I just picked up a flyer and booked an appointment. A massage is always good and I do love them. But meeting Estelle was so much more than a basic massage. She took the time to get to know me before working on the body. And already I felt at ease. I felt comfortable to let her touch my body, let her touch my soul… It was a real experience in a life time.

And although I am now too far away to enjoy her magic, I will always be grateful that she helped me so much. But you will be the only one to judge by going to see her and discover yourself through her massages.

Laure D



No recuerdo haberme sentido tan bien sin haber pasado antes 2 semanas de vacaciones !! El masaje de Estelle me liberá de contracturas y tensiones así como de emociones que estaban necesitando salir para dejar espacio para cosas positivas y una sensación de bienestar interior.

Estelle tiene una personalidad muy cálida e intuitiva. Sabe hablar de forma directa dando siempre justo en tecla. Su masaje estuvo orientado a lo que estaba haciéndome falta tanto física como emocionalmente. Ella pone atención a miles de pequeños detalles y trabaja con el corazón, y eso se siente! Me quede flotando en una nube. Gracias !

Carolina G



I’ve wanted to leave a testimonial here ever since receiving the first of many massages from Estelle over two years ago, but there are really no words to adequately describe how amazing and healing all her treatments are. I’ve never received a massage from anyone, anywhere that even comes close to an Estelle massage. Before each session, she takes the time to find out how each client is and what they need and then uses her considerable skill, knowledge, intuition and magic hands to provide a uniquely tailored treatment for each person. Finding Estelle has been healing in ways I never expected or thought possible. Thank you, Estelle!




This is just a short message to say thank you for giving me one of the most deeply relaxing treatments I’ve ever experienced. I would never have imagined a simple facial massage could leave me feeling so completely calm and yet, thoroughly energised at the same time. I felt the tension in my neck and face floating way and my skin was glowing for days afterwards. Definitely a treatment I would recommend!



Sin que nadie me lo pidiera, he decidido yo misma dejar este comentario para quien lo lea y quiera informarse sobre los masajes de Estelle.

Primero fui a ver a Estelle (que no conocía de nada, que nadie me había recomendado… pero había visto su web de manera fortuita) por problemas de hombro (contractura, dolor).
Luego he ido a verla para varios masajes de cuerpo entero.

Al final he cogido un bono de 10 sesiones. He probado de todo o casi : reflexología podal, masaje terapeutico, ayurvedic, etc… y TODO me sentí bien.

Manos de “oro” + amabilidad como persona + ambiente relajante = excelentes resultados.
Mi experiencia ha sido muy buena y, en cuánto pueda, repetiré con otro bono de 10 sesiones. De eso no hay duda. Quizás será un bono de “rebirthing”… Creo que me vendrá muy bien.



Estelle clearly loves what she does. Her focus and connection to my muscles and tension was astonishing. She sincerely wants to understand the state of a person’s body and how to improve it. Her hands are powerful and can knead out the most stubborn of knots…but she also knows when a gentle touch is necessary. Her massages are deep, healing and (for lack of a better word) magical.




Estelle visited me in the US in 2008. At this time she was a guest in our home. Estelle insisted that she provide me with a deep foot massage to help my plantar faceitis heel pain. Not only did this ongoing pain go away,it was an incredible, deep and thorough workout on my feet and legs. I was forever grateful for this massage and for the experience I know I will never have again, until I see Estelle in Spain. She has incredible hands!! Debi Hulien

Debi Hulien
United States



Estelle is someone that gives everything she has with every treatment she does. Using the finest products, taking her time and really listening and focusing on each client and their particular needs. She is top quality in a city where this is not easy to find. Not a massage school graduate but an experienced, qualified massage therapist with many many years experience. She has the capacity to transform you with every treatment. Can’t recommend her enough!

Daria Robinson



The best Massage I’ve ever had! I have suffered from back ands neck pain for many years and have tried and tested every type of massage that is on offer! However, Estelle’s holistic body massage is the best I’ve experienced so far!With her professional yet personal approach, I would thoroughly recommend Estelle to anyone who is wishing to alleviate pain, increase energy levels, develop greater flexibility and generally to develop a greater sense of well being. it worked for me! Felicia La Forgia

Félicia La Forgia



The first time I went to see Estelle, she took all the time necessary to know who I was, and what I may have needed. This was my first pleasant surprise… The amazing massage was the second pleasant surprise… I think it was the second time I went, I had quite bad asthma at the time (which, by the way, I have pretty much cured with homeopathy) and I almost didn’t go that day because I was having a bad asthma attack, and I thought by having to lie down, I would be agitating it more. I had no idea of the power of the Ayurvedic massage. Estelle said it was better that I had come. She was patient through my disgusting coughing but by the middle of my massage, my asthma had subsided! She had massaged it right out of me! I couldn’t believe it. I left there a new woman!! My third pleasant surprise!! It is an intense massage, Estelle pours her heart and soul into it and you feel the benefits.




I am extremely particular when it comes to choosing a massage therapist but I can say without hesitation that Estelle’s treatments are some of the best I have ever experienced. She has a genuine awareness of the body and truly understands how to promote healing within it. Together with her incredible knowledge and understanding of the techniques she practices, it makes for one of the most serene and transformative experiences you could hope for. I cannot thank her enough for the profound impact she has had on my health and well-being and I feel very fortunate to have discovered such a wonderfully grounded, gifted and intuitive therapist here in Madrid.

T Wilson



The best massages I’ve ever had after trying thousands!

David R



The BEST massage place in Madrid! I am so lucky I found Estelle! Her place is very intimate and welcoming. Estelle is very professional and I could see she was putting all her heart in trying to help me and get rid of my pain. I wished I could have benefit longer from her skills but I will recommend her to anyone without a doubt!

I keep looking Estelle, thank you so much for putting me on the right path.




Since having regular ayurvedic massages from Estelle, the amount of stiffness in shoulders, neck and back has reduced notably. Every session leaves me feeling lighter and happy.

Thanks Estelle



El mejor masaje que he recibido nunca. Gracias Estelle.



Ya estoy deseando tener un hueco para volver a pasar por alli, Estelle. Un beso.



I’m an expat living in Madrid and Estelle has been my masseuse for over 3 years here. She has unbelievably amazing therapeutic hands! Each and every time I walk away feeling like a renewed and rejuvenated person. The best masseuse in Madrid!

Tony P