Therapeutic Massage

This massage combines different holistic techniques (Deep Tissue, Swedish, Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu, Sport massage etc.) to treat all types of “body and mind problems” such as stress, tension, depression, fatigue, back/neck problems, muscle pains in general, muscular contractions, bad circulation and so on.

It’s a very complete and deep treatment at all levels, taking into account every aspect of the human being, not only the “mechanics” of the body but also what is supposed to be flowing through it (blood, lymph, energy, emotions, etc) thereby healing the body. It’s a perfect mix between the detailed work of a physiotherapist and a thorough holistic-style massage, for better and longer lasting results. 

It is practiced on a massage table. 

I work on the full body OR specific areas with either top quality pure essential oils or physio-style products such as cold gel for deep muscle pain.

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